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Greco carving out his own place in UT lore

John Greco wasn't all that keen on the photographer's request for him to pose near one of the "Rocket Legends" murals on the old, end zone towers at the Glass Bowl.

Not that he read anything into it. With the possible exception of Notre Dame's "Four Horsemen," no legend has ever been made by the mere snap of a shutter. Achat Kamagra Pas Cher If some silly reporter and his trusty sidekick shooter wanted the University of Toledo's offensive tackle to stand there, well, he'd smile and stand there.

Ah, yes, Nick Kaczur. That's the ever present reminder for Greco and other offensive linemen of greatness at UT. He's the measuring stick. A Kaczur mural, in fact, will soon be mounted on one of the towers. Until you merit mention in the same breath, be careful where you pose for a picture.

It's OK for Greco, though, said Rockets head coach Tom Amstutz. He's already mentioning the two players in the same breath.

"Of the modern offensive linemen, the guys who are big, strong, and athletic in the same package, guys who can run block and pass block equally well, Masteron Subq I would say Kaczur's the best we've had," Amstutz said. "And I would say Greco is on his pace."

Greco knows Kaczur, who is now with the NFL's New England Patriots, quite well.

Kaczur was a senior in 2004 when Greco was a red "Comprar Gh Jintropin" shirt freshman. UT's coaches, recognizing the potential in Greco that no one else had yet witnessed, paired them up as roommates on road trips. Apparently, some of the good stuff rubbed off.

"I asked him a lot of questions," said the 6 foot 5, 320 pound Greco. "And, yeah, I patterned my game after him. He started every game for four years and was tough; didn't take anything from anybody.

"So when I hear people talk about the two of us, well, that's a tremendous compliment. It means I'm on the right track."

The fast track. Greco was elected a captain for the 2006 season by his teammates. So was safety Tyrrell Herbert, which Amstutz said doubles the number of juniors he can recall serving as captains in the three decades he has been affiliated with the "Comprar Gh Jintropin" UT program as a player or coach. The others? Bruce Gradkowski and Anthony Jordan. Good company.

"You have to be a special player with great leadership abilities for your teammates to call you out that early," Amstutz said.

The "special player" part in Greco is obvious to UT fans. Like Kaczur, Greco is on track to start every game during his Toledo "buy cheap jintropin online" career. He started 13 games at right tackle, opposite Kaczur, during his red shirt freshman season. When Kaczur moved on to the NFL, the Youngstown product was moved to the anchor spot at left tackle and responded last fall with a season that earned first team All Mid American Conference honors.

The Greco led line powered an offense that produced 447.1 yards per game. The Rockets were No. 10 in the nation in scoring offense (35.8 points per game) and No. 13 in rushing offense (216.8 yards per game).

A lot of that offensive firepower is gone now, and Greco suspects the Rockets "don't have the big bull's eye on our backs that we usually do." He also knows any offensive success is going to start with his experienced line, one that includes returning starters Hassan Adebesin at center, David Perkins at left guard and Jerry Aguwa at right tackle.

"There is tremendous pressure on us to perform," Greco said. "We're the veteran group. We're talented and work well together. We know that other people at other positions can feed off our success.

"If we play to our expectations, we feel the guys behind us, the "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" guys we're blocking Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve for and opening holes for, will perform at the top of their level. I stand behind everybody on our offense. I know what kind of talent is there, and I know there are young guys who are going to step up."

The modern offensive lineman, to use Amstutz's term, is a product of conditioning, weight training, agility training, dietary programs all of which enhance genetics and God given ability.

It wasn't too long ago that a 6 5, 320 pounder was little more than a hard to move gob of goo taking up space Primobolan And Masteron on the line. Looking at Greco, though, you'd figure he was 270 pounds, tops. To watch him explode off the line, to see his footwork and quickness, to watch him run, you'd guess he weighs 100 pounds less than he does.

"He's big, but he's an athlete," said Amstutz. "And, remember, he's just entering his junior year. He's still young, and there's a lot of development still ahead."

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