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Franklin High senior follows MCN photographer as part of senior project

The Macon County League of Women Voters hosted a candidates forum last Thursday for the 50th senate district of North Carolina. Incumbent Jim Davis and challenger Jane Hipps squared off 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron and fielded questions posed by league members.

Although not a native to Macon County, Sen. Jim Davis got his start in politics as a county commissioner. Davis was born in 1947 in Lynchburg, Virginia. He grew up in a military family, his father a sergeant in the US Air Force, and his mother a homemaker. He has lived on military bases in Virginia, Michigan, Arizona, Delaware, Morocco, "Comprar Gh Jintropin" and England.

State's MEC holds last public comment period of 'fracking' at WCU

North Carolina's Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) held the last of a fourpart public comment series last Friday at Western Carolina University's Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center. Proponents and opponents alike were Equipoise Review on hand for the event where a panel made up of three members from the MEC listened to concerns from Sustanon 250 3rd Week the citizens.

Hydraulic fracturing has been subject of much concern across North Carolina with multiple forums across the state being packed out ever since a moratorium was lifted that would allow the extraction of natural gas by injecting high pressure fluids thousands of feet deep into the ground in order to break up shale formations and release natural gas.

FHS soccer hopes to continue winning streak

The FHS varsity soccer team continued to show its dominance and the reason behind its number one conference ranking on Monday when they took on rival Smoky Mountain Mustangs.

The Panthers shot to a quick lead when they went up 2 0 in the first half. They sealed the win with one more goal in the second and took home the win with a score of 3 0.

The win moved the Panthers to a 7 0 record. They traveled to North Henderson yesterday to take on the 3 5 Knights.

FHS soccer "Oxandrolone Powder India" will take the home field again on Monday when they "Comprar Gh Jintropin" host the East Henderson Eagles.

Every year at Franklin High School, all seniors, except those in AP English, must complete a "Senior Project" for their English class. For the projects, students must write a research paper of five to "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" seven pages plus do an eight to ten minute presentation. The projects can be on any subject the student wants. The only catch, says Katie Alland, a student in Mrs. Susan Allen's class, is the projects must be about something completely new for the student.

"We're supposed Primobolan En Zweten to learn something new," said Alland, who chose to do her project on photography. As part of the research for her project, Alland shadowed Macon County News photographer Vickie Carpenter for two days, getting tips and going to news events to get an idea of what the job entails.

Students are required to log at least 15 hours of experience with a topic of their choosing. Some students chose to learn to play a new instrument. Others volunteer with a hospital or try their hand at a new skill. Alland said that one girl in her class even learned welding.

Alland says that she has had an interest in photography for a long time but never really had a chance to study it. She got a new camera for the project.

Working with Carpenter, Alland says she learned many things, starting with the basics like shutter speed and picture composition. She also learned about what it takes to be a news photographer.

"It was fun to watch her take pictures," said Alland of her experience shadowing Carpenter. "She taught me that sometimes I have to be a little aggressive and get in front of people to get the shot. I was kind of nervous about that, but it was fun following her and watching her take pictures of everybody and how they reacted to the pictures."

While working with Carpenter, Alland attended the opening of the new breast cancer wing at Angel Hospital where she got to meet and photograph Rep. Heath Shuler. She also attended the Veterans Day parade. "I got out of school for the breast cancer wing opening, which was really cool," she said with a smile.

In her presentation for the project, Alland showed many of the photos she had taken while on assignment with Carpenter. She received a grade of 98 for her project.

Alland said the experience of photographing a news event was very interesting, but her favorite subjects to photograph are nature and landscapes.

Alland, who is in the New Century Scholars program, wants to study physical therapy in college. She will attend Southwestern Community College for two years and then transfer to Western Carolina University. Later, she hopes to study at UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Alland says she will continue studying photography and hopes to take a photography class at SCC next fall.

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